The membership includes

  • Monthly live tutorial on Zoom

    60-minute Zoom tutorial (recorded), 30-minute questions (unrecorded)

    One hour of nature journaling tuition with a change of focus every month. Possible subjects: painting skills, drawing skills, writing skills, composition and page layout, journaling prompts and nature connection exercises. All designed to keep you motivated.

  • One social hour each month on Zoom

    Discussion or co-creating space, 60 minutes (unrecorded)

    An additional hour of discussion or questions, loosely related to the monthly theme. This will sometimes take the form of a co-creating space to journal together on our own projects in a friendly environment.

  • Access to all prerecorded video courses

    Including past Zoom tutorial sessions on demand

    Currently includes "How to Start a Nature Journal", "Painting Nature in Derwent Inktense", and "Make a Decorative Nature Border" but ALL future courses will also be included. You can also watch back any of the Zoom tutorials at any time.

Join the Free Community

An enthusiastic group of nature journaling friends await you. See the monthly theme, share your work, and get motivated! (All paid members are automatically also enrolled here.)

Pricing options

Save more when you pay annually (12 months for the price of 10!)


  • Does this include all your on-demand courses as well?

    YES! Every video course I have made so far and every one I will make in the future is included for you as a part of the membership.

  • When are the Zoom classes?

    At present, I am arranging the times of the Zoom classes to suit as many Founder Members as possible. There is a poll for all members to answer within the Zoom library, that will help me pick the optimal time. PLEASE NOTE: All Zoom classes are within the hours of 4-8 PM UK time because my audience is primarily Europe & North America. If you are outside this region, I apologise, but I may be able to offer other times as the membership grows. Remember all classes are recorded and you can still contribute in the comments sections.

  • Can I cancel any time?

    Yes, of course. It is easy to cancel whenever you want to from the "Billing" page of your student profile.

  • How are Zoom classes announced?

    The times for the Zoom classes are publicised in the Zoom Library within the membership. All students are also added to a members-only mailing list and will receive class times, the Zoom link, and inspiration for the monthly theme each month. You can unsubscribe from emails any time by hitting the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom - but then you will need to check the Zoom Library for the class times and link and will receive no reminders!

  • What is the monthly theme?

    Each month has a general theme, which informs the focus of the tutorial and the discussion/co-painting hour. This theme is available to all, even people outside of the membership, and you can find it announced in the free community forum and on social media.